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I started working with AFC Dunstable during my training, shadowing and learning from their Sports Massage Therapist, before taking the lead myself for the 2019-2020 season.

What I do? Training, mid-week and weekend fixtures providing pre, during and post-game treatment, as well as pitch side support and injury management - lots of taping, strapping, stretching and massage! 

"From the moment Steph joined AFC Dunstable she fitted right in with the club and the team. Over time she grew in confidence with what can be considered as a tough sporting environment and provided the team with all the support they needed from training to match days. The doors always open at the club to welcome her back!"

Steve Heath - Manager AFC Dunstable



Milton Keynes based, TRIPP Badminton Academy welcomed me in 2019 to form part of their player support team helping young athletes excel in their sport. 

What I do? Provide weekly sports massage as part of the players training plans as well as strapping, taping and stretching guidance to help prevent injury.



As a keen runner myself, I know all too well the strain it can have on your body and the importance of massage if competing in an event. 

I have a number of clients across various running clubs such as Buckingham Running Club, Oxford City Athletics Club who regularly receive treatment to help ensure they continue to perform at their best and avoid injury.

As a more experienced sportsman and self established running coach, I have had many different sports massages. SLW is by far the most professional, personal and effective masseuse I have visited to date. For an athlete that runs high mileage, I am dependent on these massages which have 100% improved my performances. 

Adam Bayliss -  



Netball still remains one of my favourite sports and I continue to play for MK Netters, a team I have been part of for many many years. I treat a lot of my teammates as well as those in opposing teams. Netball is a high impact sport and can be pretty stressful on our joints - keeping the muscles strong and healthy can really lessen the impact on our joints and help avoid injury.

A fast energetic game full of quick changes, overstretching and heavy lands has meant that my back and shoulders absorb the impact, leading to aches and pains. I've been going to SLW to relieve the tension that builds up and I could not recommend her highly enough. The deep tissue massage, combined with a friendly relaxing atmosphere helps me to recover quicker and get back on the court each week reaping the benefits.

Hayley Sinclair - MK Netters



As well as the above, I also treat clients who play hockey, cricket, tennis, enjoy to ski, cycle, swim, walk and take part in triathlons, rock climbing and weight lifting - the list of sports and exercise is endless but making sure we can continue to take part in the activities we love is how I as a sports massage therapist, can help.

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