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  • What is sports massage?
    Sports massage is similar to deep tissue massage but focusses more on the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Sports massage is for everyone not just those that compete in sports.
  • Are sports massages just for those that do sports?
    No, sports massage is for everyone and anyone that wants to look after their body, feel better and move more freely. Sports massage is a treatment used to aid sporting performance but can also help to alleviate aches and pains from general lifestyle.
  • What is the difference between massage and sports massage?
    Sports massage is a deeper style of massage whereby we manipulate beyond the skin, getting down to the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Although some do find sports massage relaxing, think of it more as an energising treatment to awaken your body.
  • How do I know if I need a sports massage?
    Sports massage is an alternative treatment for anyone that is suffering with muscular pain, restricted joints and/or range of motion, bad posture, build of up scar tissue and general aches and pains. I like to think of sports massage as TLC for the body!
  • Is sports massage painful?
    Each treatment is tailored specifically to you, and the pressure I apply is based on your needs and response. The sensitivity of the area and the reason for treatment can determine whether there is any discomfort during or after the sports massage. It's not uncommon to feel 'post massage soreness' as the body adjusts to the treatment however this should relieve after 24/48 hours.
  • I have a sporting event coming up, when's best to get a sports massage?
    Sports massage is great for pre, during and post event. If you've not had sports massage before, I'd recommend one the week before your event, however If your body is used to the affects of sports massage then 24/48 hours pre event would be beneficial. If during this time you have any niggly concerns we can alter the treatment as needed and apply K Tape if necessary.
  • I suffer with sciatica, can sports massage help?
    Sports massage can have huge benefits to someone suffering with sciatica as it will help release the muscles that can contribute to the impingement of the sciatic nerve. Treatment is often carried out on the leg(s), glutes and lower back where most of the pain is being experienced but does depend on the source of the impingement. Its important to keep the muscles healthy and relaxed to help avoid re-occurrence.
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