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Alternative therapy is a term generally used to describe any intervention or medical treatment that replaces or supports conventional medicine. There are a number of disciplines that fall under the 'alternative therapy' umbrella including: acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, massage and many more.

Alternative therapy is used for lots of different reasons - some choose to go down this route as a way of fully replacing conventional medicine whilst others use it as a way of supporting their general pain management and wellbeing.

Whilst research behind the effectiveness of alternative therapy is still...ongoing....many people feel the huge benefits that alternative treatment has to offer. Chronic pain is on the up and for many alternative therapy can offer a light at the end of a very long painful journey.


“Around 15.5 million people in England (34% of the population) have chronic pain.”


Massage is being increasingly used by people suffering from pain, mostly to manage back, neck and shoulder pain (by far my most treated area for clients). A common thread I here a lot...

Ive been suffering with neck and back tightness for some time and now its causing me headaches. 

I cant move my neck from side to side and the pain is shooting down my arm.

I can't lay comfortable at night time and the pain is keeping me awake.

I'm struggling to sit in my chair at work and by the time it gets to the afternoon I am having to take paracetamol to manage the pain.

I feel about 100 years old bending down to put on my shoes.

The tension is starting to effect my exercise and it hurts to much to even go for a walk now. goes on and trust me I've been there and felt each one of these gripes over time. Unfortunately as a nation the way in which we now live our life's is not compatible with how our bodies want to work. Sitting down for longer, dealing with more stress and moving less; these are all contributory factors to pain. 

So how can sports massage help? In essence sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage, my aim is to relax your muscles, relieve them of tension, enable better mobility and most of all alleviate your pain. This is all achieved through manipulation of the muscle tissue which can become inflamed and knotted over time or through injury. You can find out more about the benefits of sports massage here or please get in touch to discuss your needs further.


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